My journey as a software developer at Hubuk Technology

My name is Ibrahim Mato Dangada i am software developer and Big data analyst, in this blog post am going to narrate my journey as a software developer in hubuk technology, actual i feel honored to receive an offer to work with hubuk as their web designer and developer, because the time they offered me job i didn’t even finished my bachelors, the first time i found the work difficult before i understand how things are, also i have a lot of thing that i have to go back and review them because what i understand in working with company is far different working as freelancer which is what i am doing before.

Working as freelancer you are the  one setting time frame to deliver the project while working with company its the company set the time to deliver the job, its been hectic for me always to deliver my daily tasks because am struggling with school and the work is remotely but i manage it no matter what i have to make sure i did something whether at night or during the day.

I got lot of challenges which is what make me strong now, challenges both in time management and my coding skill i just start to think am dull but my CTO and CEO keep motivating me to never give up that all how they started, there are lot of thing i don’t know how to use them like Github, Slack and Jira and as remote developer this is the basic thing i suppose to know, my CTO in person of Abdulrahman Suleiman and my college at work in person of Aysha Bin Mahmood they are the one keep guiding me about so many thing not only coding but even the time management.

I spent lot of days with out sleeping because am kind of person that always worry if i didn’t accomplish my daily tasks, i always feel offset with that, but my CTO help me with advices about mind focus and time management so i followed his advices and it works for me.

The good thing i love at hubuk is having amazing team when ever you need help someone will be there for you, when you are stuck in your coding especially the technical part the team will help you with ideas, there are lot of things that i didn’t even know how they work till i joined hubuk, i have so many skills that i think its enough for me to go on with my life, but i realized that isn’t after i joined hubuk.

I have got so many technical skill and life tips now after i joined hubuk technology, which will help me in my journey always as developer, which before i don’t have and some i don’t even know them actually thank to everyone at hubuk for adding salt to my soup.

Ibrahim Mato Dangada

Web Designer and Developer at Hubuk Technology

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